This Is My First Time Visiting Your Office, Is There Anything I Need To Bring With Me?

If you have an insurance card, please bring it with you so we can make a copy for our records.  Also, please feel free to print and fill out the corresponding new patient forms before your first visit!

Can I Expect To Be Seated At My Scheduled Appointment Time?

Dr. Marc Weinberger values your time and almost always will take you at your allotted time.  If we are, by chance, running a bit behind we will call you in advance to let you know.

What If I Can’t Schedule an Appointment Within Your Regular Hours?

We are open six days a week for your convenience.  If we can not find an appointment time that is feasible for you Dr. Weinberger is willing to extend his hours at your convenience.

How Soon Can I Get An Appointment?

When you call to make an appointment with Dr. Marc Weinberger, DMD our staff will do their best to get you into our office as soon as it is convenient for you. In many cases, emergency appointments can be taken the same day as your phone call.   Regular appointments can often be scheduled within the same or next week of your phone call.  Not in a hurry? Not a problem! We can schedule your appointment several months in advance if that is more convenient for you!

Is This Visit Going To Hurt?

We understand that not every patient enjoys a trip to the dentist. This is why Dr. Marc Weinberger and staff take utmost care in making your dental visit as comfortable as possible! Dr. Marc Weinberger is considered one of the gentlest dentists in the area. Sedation therapy is available for your well-being.  You can rest assured that our office  values patient comfort as one of our top priorities.

Does Your Office Offer Any Financing Options?

At Bordentown Family Dentist we understand that not every patient has dental coverage.  We also understand that a dental problem should not be ignored due to financial problems. This is why our office participates with Care Credit. When paid within the promotional period, Care Credit offers an interest free dental financing plan for you and your family!  If approved for Care Credit, the process is very similar to that of a credit card. You will be approved for a maximum spending limit and your dental services will be charged to your new Care Credit card.  This balance can then be paid off in set monthly installments INTEREST FREE when paid within the promotion period.  This is a great option for patients that are not insured or are under-insured. If you need assistance with Care Credit please stop by or call our office at (609)298-1238.

My Insurance Is Not on Your List of Approved Insurances, Can I Still Visit Your Office??

Of course you can! We take many insurances in addition to what is listed on our accepted insurances page.  Additionally, many insurances offer out-of-network benefits that are comparable, if not equal, to your in-network-benefits! If your insurance provider tells you that you can visit any dentist you choose then this is a great indicator that we will accept your insurance!

The best way to verify eligibility of your insurance is to fill out our contact form or give us a call at (609)298-1238 and provide us your insurance details such as- the provider you are insured with, Member ID number, and the policy holder’s name and date of birth. We will take the hassle away from you and call your insurance company ourselves to verify eligibility.